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I'm Ashley!

Hey! I’m Ashley Avis, a busy mother-of-two who loves to spend her ‘me time’ relaxing in savasana with a glass of red wine near by.

I will admit, life can get pretty crazy at times. I do not have the time to sit in meditation for hours to find inner peace. If you are like me, you will be happy to know that I teach a simple day-to-day yoga practice that helps my students, and myself, get one step closer to balance. 

Thinking about giving yoga a try? I welcome you to join a class today!

I'd never ask you to put on jeans or do your hair. Instead, throw on your comfy clothes, grab a scrunchie and meet me here: 

Dates for Next Year's
Yoga & Wine Tour

"Ashley has a wonderfully calm demeanor & vibrant spirit. Her yoga classes reflect this, in addition to creating the perfect blend of relaxation & challenge. I am so glad I decided to try her strength class tonight. Like a warm cup of tea, it was the perfect compliment to my rainy Tuesday evening. Highly recommend."

"I always feel amazing after every single session with Ashley!"

"No judgment. No competition. No expectations.The words that sold me! I wasn’t really into yoga but I decided to try it. Best decision I made. Ashley is so warm and inviting to everyone in her class. Beginner to experienced, she treats everyone the same.
Highly recommended."


Did you hear the one about the girl who totally goofed at her very first yoga class? Ya, that was me. 

It is now my goal to make sure your first yoga class goes much better than mine.

Ashley Avis Yoga Elsewhere:

Let's Chat!

Ashley Avis Yoga, 905-650-9706
574 Carlton St. St. Catharines, ON

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I will be in touch soon!

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