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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Yoga Class!

So you're thinking about heading to your first yoga class. That's awesome! I am here to make sure your first experience goes better than mine!


Here is what I wish someone had told me before I headed to my first yoga class: 

1. Get rid of competition, with others, and with yourself. Don't worry about what the person beside you can do. Just listen to your body and focus on your own practice. 


2. There is no judgement in yoga, so don't be hard on yourself. Get rid of negative self talk. Focus on what you can do and what feels good. 

3. It doesn't matter what it looks like, what matters is how it feels. The most advanced pose is the one you are in. So take your options, avoid pain and discomfort and relax. 

4. Wear comfortable clothes, that stretch and cover you up. Layering is important. You need to stay warm in order for your muscles to stretch safely. 


5. Bring your own mat. Some studios have a rental fee, or charge a lot to purchase one. If you bring your own, it is also more hygienic. 


6. Tell the instructor you are new. Instead of trying to hide in the back, introduce yourself before class. That way the instructor is aware that there is a beginner in class and can keep things simple. 


7. Rest. There are poses the instructor will use for rest periods (child's pose for example) Stay there as long as you need.


8. Don't hold your breath. Your muscles need oxygen to hold those poses. If you feel shaky, try taking a deep breath. 


9. Mind the temperature of the class. Hot Yoga is a growing trend. If you are unsure if the yoga class you are attending is Hot (80-100+ Degrees) call the studio in advance. I do not recommend your very first class be heated, instead, head to a non-heated class and learn your poses first. 


10. Go at your own pace. Your body moves best when you moving with your breath. Don't worry about speeding up or slowing down. 

And that's it! If you are ready for the next step, click below to check out my class schedule. 

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